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“Contact Us” form

by Catherine Harvey

Recently, it was brought to our attention that the “contact us” form on this website wasn’t working properly. Unfortunately, the ‘captcha’ programme which is meant to stop robot spam messages actually wasn’t letting real human beings send messages to us either! This issue has now been fixed, so if you were trying to send a […]

Photography with Simon Larson

by Catherine Harvey

Over the past two years, we have been lucky to have Simon Larson working with us, teaching us about a wide variety of different types of photography and photography techniques. We have worked on sun prints, pinhole cameras, black and white photography, portraits, close-up photos, ‘joiner’ self-portraits and much more! One exciting session was a […]

Grease at Eden Court, and a trip to Cantraybridge College

by Catherine Harvey

At the end of August, the KC gang travelled through to Inverness to see ‘Grease’ the musical at Eden Court Theatre. We had a great time at the show (especially Jenny, who made a special effort with her outfit!), and everybody recognised lots of the songs from the original film. On our way to Inverness, […]

Applecross Trip

by Catherine Harvey

In mid-July, we took a trip over to Applecross in a RIB – what an adventure! We wore special suits to keep us dry, and we all had to hold on tight when we were on the boat. Jenny and Lachie John definitely enjoyed sitting at the front! When we got to Applecross, we walked […]